LaserMax Guide Rod Laser Sight System Green Laser:

The Guide Rod laser system can be easily inserted into the firearm by replacing the factory spring/guide rod assembly with the LaserMax version. This is done without any permanent alteration or modification to the firearm. The distinct ambidextrous on/off switch can be used by left or right handed shooters.

LaserMax Guide Rod Laser Sight System Green Specifications:

  • LaserMax LMS-G5-17G
  • 520nm Green Laser
  • As Rugged as the Gun
  • Pioneering Design
  • Safe Activation
  • Wintin 1″ POI at 10 yards
  • 1 Hour Run Time
  • Pulses for superior visibility and faster identification
  • Internal design does not restrict grip or holster selection
  • Distinct ambidextrous ON/OFF switch reinforces safe firearm handling
  • Proximity to the bore provides maximum POA/POI accuracy
  • Guaranteed alignment ensures center of mass shots
  • 0.40 ounces
  • Fits: GLOCK Full Size Models G17, G17 MOS, G34 MOS Gen 5 Models Only


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