These are Bullet Tips NOT Complete Rounds


Hornady Varmint Bullets 17CAL 15.5 Gr NTX 100 RDs Features:

NTX, or Non-Toxic Expanding bullets from Hornady deliver the same accuracy and performance as their popular V-Max bullets. The lead-free core, made of proprietary metals, is formed through a unique compression process at Hornady’s bullet lab. This is not loaded ammunition.

Hornady Varmint Bullets 17CAL 15.5 Gr NTX 100 RDs Specifications:

  • Bullet Caliber 17 Caliber
  • Diameter 0.172 Inches
  • Grain Weight 15.5 Grains
  • Quantity 100 Bullet
  • Bullet Style Polymer Tip Boat Tail
  • Lead Free Yes
  • G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.115


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