BallistiClean Features

Whether you are required to use a lead-free projectile or if your local range has tight restrictions or maybe you just want to try something a little different, Federal Premium Ballisticlean may be the answer. Ballisticlean delivers the same accuracy and reliability as the lead FMJ rounds you are familiar with but in a non-toxic, Lead-Free RHT round. RHT, know as Reduced Hazard Training is a bullet that eliminates airborne lead and helps reduce barrel fouling. BallistiClean’s felt recoil, accuracy, and point of impact are all comparable to duty rounds. Range operators have no hazardous waste disposal problems and it meets or exceeds all OSHA and EPA standards.

BallistiClean Specifications?

  • Caliber:9mm Luger
  • Model: BallistiClean
  • Series: Lead-Free
  • Bullet Weight:100 Gr
  • Rounds Per Box:50
  • Casing Material: Brass
  • Muzzle velocity: 1240 fps
  • Muzzle energy: 341 ft/lbs
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 50
Condition New in Box
Finish Per Color Brass
Manufacturer Part Number BC9NT3
Model BallistiClean
Type Handgun Ammo
UPC 029465093891


2 reviews for Federal BallistiClean Brass 9mm 100-Grain 50-Rounds LFF

  1. Arlie Schowalter II

    Shooter Ready.. Standby.. BEEEPPP. Ok lets not waste time. 150 rounds were sent through a Canik TP9 SF Elite. No issues at all. All rounds went bang. Worked perfect with, 15 17 and 30 round magazines. What a beautiful summer day, shooting steel up close and not worrying about ricochet. Very good frangible ammo but expensive. I was destroying steel plates all day, like an overly attached girlfriend. Cling cling cling.

  2. Sophia Gleason

    This ammo is awesome. Goes BANG! every time and has plenty of power to cycle the action.

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