Federal P300WSMCTC1 Premium CF Rifle 300 WSM 180Gr Trophy Copper
Caliber .300 Win
Condition New in Box
Finish Per Color Silver
Manufacturer Part Number P300WSMTC1
Model Premium Vital-Shok Centerfire Rifle
Type Handgun Ammo
UPC 029465063559

2 reviews for Federal 300WSM 180GR TRO CPR V-SHOK

  1. Ollie Kunze

    Picked up a box to try out of my Winchester 70 Extreme Weather 300wsm rifle. On the range, this ammo held MOA or better out to 500 yards with 3 shot groups. I did not chronograph, but the impacts on my 1/2″ AR500 steel targets certainly indicates a full power load. No 1st hand experience on game yet. However, a hunting buddy that recommended the ammo to me has taken several whitetails and hogs with excellent results, all pass through shots with visible exit holes that I have seen. Should be a great load up through elk sized game.

  2. Frederik Rodriguez I

    After booking a hunt of our liftime, my wife and I wanted the best rifle and cartridge available for our African plains game safari. We chose to take one rifle, her 300 WSM with the Federal Premium 180 grain trophy copper. Sighted in for zero at 200 yards the grouping off the bench was 1″ or less, off hand was 3″. We harvested 7 trophy animals with one shot each. The 99% weight retention is for real, great knock down power. Also took same 300 WSM on Elk hunt, we bagged two Trophy Bulls using the the cartridges, dropped both in their tracts with one shot each..Dr

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