SS12L 7.5

Caliber 12 GA
Capacity 25
Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number SS12L 7.5
Model Super Sport
Type Shotgun Ammo
UPC 604544252576

5 reviews for Estate Cartridge SS12L75 12GA Super Sport Target 11/8 25rds

  1. Filiberto Ward

    I bought a case of this ammo on sale to use for sporting clays. It works just fine like some of the other value ammo available. No problems using it in my Browning O/U.

  2. Francisca Breitenberg

    This is the go-to target load for skeet. Everyone at the club uses it because it is a good value. Cycles auto loader gas guns with no problem unlike some lighter loads.

  3. Leanna Ward

    These are my favorite lo-brass load. I use these in a Mossberg 500 and 930 – The 930 will cycle reliably with this ammo – can’t say the same for the Remington/Winchester Target Loads. They have the shot cup separate from the piston which I like. These are also great for making wax/glue slugs.

  4. Antwan Walter

    Good consistent ammo. Reasonable priced. Good selection.

  5. Mr. Avery Carroll Jr.

    This is a good solid shell. Functions without issue in an o/u. All the targets I shot at broke, but had to hit the ground first. Rated four stars for the slightly high price, but everything has gone up , so maybe not out of line.

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