2 reviews for Bullseye 8lbs – Alliant Powder

  1. Ruben torres

    I’ve used Bullseye for many years mostly for 9mm & 45ACP in competition. For me, it’s generally the most accurate (just above PF) and seems to generate a “softer” recoil using coated bullets. Tried various other powders out there and I usually can’t get the consistent accuracy out of them as compared to Bullseye. I used to think it was a dirty powder, but when you shoot several hundred rounds in a competition with no chance to clean the gun pretty much any powder I’ve ran left my gun dirty.

  2. Raul jimenez

    Excellent powder for target shooting. This powder measures quite accurately and charges are small. I have used Bullseye for over 30 years for 38 spl WC loads,44 special WC loads, 45 ACP & Auto Rim WC loads. Exceptional accuracy. Also works well for 32 S&W Long target loads. You can load thousan…

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