Bulk 5.56 ammo

Bulk 5.56 ammo was derived from the .222 cartridge and officially adopted as the standardized NATO round in 1963. Essentially, 5.56×45 as a caliber came into being because the military was using 7.62×51. Critics believed the larger round was too powerful for light service rifles. Leading to rough recoil and a slower than the desired rate of fire in military service rifles. Today, the NATO standard cartridge is being designated as “M855”. You’ll often find it in stock and available to shooters. We also carry a huge in-stock selection of .223 ammo for sale here.

Bulk 5.56 ammo

We look at 5.56×45 as one of those calibers you’ve got to have if you’re going to make the claim you’re a go-to source for ammunition. As popular as the AR-15, 5.56 and .223 are consistently calibers that are among our best sellers. If you’re new to the rifle or if you’re just looking for some advice on what’s cheap to shoot and likely to give you good performance, we set up this best bulk bargains area. Here’s a peek at what our customers are buying when it comes to 5.56 ammo right now.

5.56 Nato MK-262 77gr HPBT New This ammo is purpose-built for increased accuracy at distance with rifles or SBRs that have been paired and sighted with a high-quality optic.

With the U.S. military seeking a load that would extend the range of lighter-weight battle rifles and marksman rifles already in service, a higher BC bullet was needed than the M855.

While this project was initially started by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit it was soon followed by interest from the U.S. Navy.

While we didn’t develop this round initially or its designation. It does closely replicate the specs that were set by the U.S. Army

And the resulting contract they made with Black Hills Ammunition for 5.56mm Special Ball, LR MK 262 Mod 0.

We achieve this while remaining within SAAMI specifications to ensure an excellent and safe cartridge for pushing the boundaries of long-range capable firearms and our shooters.

The bullet is a Sierra Match King OTM style with an average muzzle velocity of 2550 fps from a 16″ barrel, bullet’s diameter is .224″, SD is .219, and G1 BC is .362. A twist rate of 1-7″ is recommended for best results.


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