2 reviews for BE-86 8 lbs – Alliant Powder

  1. Brandon Harrell

    I’ve used Power Pistol, N-105, Blue Dot, AA#9 in my Sig 10mm and Kimber 10mm. This BE-86 has been the best for consistent accuracy, not much variation in different temperatures anywhere from below zero winter to hot summer temps. I carry my Sig outside trapping with me in the winter. I’m using a Vortex Venom reflex sight on it, planning to upgrade the reflex sight to something a little higher quality. But I’m getting very good accuracy with the powder and Hornady XTP 180 bullets. Good enough to get a coyote at around 65 yards

  2. Nicolas Mason

    I have used probably used 30# of this powder just last year in both 45ACP and 9mm. It works very well for both of them. I started using it mostly due to its reputation that flash is reduced. I have narrowed it down to 9mm only though and have a diffrent powder for 45.

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