4 reviews for Alliant Powder – Bullseye 4lbs

  1. Kingston Thompson

    Excellent powder for target shooting. This powder measures quite accurately and charges are small. I have used Bullseye for over 30 years for 38 spl WC loads,44 special WC loads, 45 ACP & Auto Rim WC loads. Exceptional accuracy. Also works well for 32 S&W Long target loads. You can load thousands of rounds with just one pound.

  2. Theo Jenkins

    I’ve used Bullseye for many years mostly for 9mm & 45ACP in competition. For me, it’s generally the most accurate (just above PF) and seems to generate a “softer” recoil using coated bullets. Tried various other powders out there and I usually can’t get the consistent accuracy out of them as compared to Bullseye. I used to think it was a dirty powder, but when you shoot several hundred rounds in a competition with no chance to clean the gun pretty much any powder I’ve ran left my gun dirty.

  3. Ethan Henderson

    Great product, fast delivery at a good price.

  4. Peter Robinson

    I have used Bullseye to push 9mm bullets for thousands of rounds and have never had a problem with extraction. I think it is slightly dirty compared to other small handgun powders, but it is very accurate and reliable, and can be used even for +P loads. Have used this powder for 9mm for over forty years and love it for this cartridge.

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