3 reviews for Alliant Powder – Black Dot MZ 1lb

  1. Arjun Singleton

    I reload a few Handgun cartridges (45 Long colt, 357 mags, 44 special.) this powder works great. I even started using this in my black powder rifles, Easier to get, Clean up is a lot easier, Just miss the Rotten egg smell.

  2. Dante O’donnell

    I hung up my lil Knight Wolverine appx 12yrs ago when I bought a smokeless Savage ML10ii. The last Nov my youngest son (16) decided he wanted to hunt opening day of mzldr here in TN. He took a 152″ 13pt with my Savage & is HOOKED on front stuffers now! Rather than having to buy a new rifle I decided to “un-retire” my lil ol Wolverine. It didn’t like White Hots, Shockey Gold sticks were “ok” but I knew something better couldve found. BH 209 is NOT recommended in plunger type action guns like the Wolvie so my research lead me to this BlackMZ. WOW am I glad I tried this, it cleans up with simple patches wetted with Windex-Vinegar & makes shooting the Wolverine nearly as trouble free as my Savage. For ignition I used some T7 209s I had left over & ignition is thorough & complete! (90grns under a Barnes 250 Expander MZ) NO crud rings or residue & I assured firm seating as recommended. I was even shooting in in high 80s temps during sprinkles & drizzling rain so those are about THE WORST conditions for testing mzldrs. When done I cleaned the bore with 2 patches of Win-Vin, shot some brake cleaner in the bore, more brake cleaner on a patch & found that patch unnecessary as it came out SPOTLESS! I ran a patch with CLM thru the bore & left the gun overnight. 24hrs later I ran a dry patch thru to see what, if anything had developed. The ONLY thing that came out on that patch was the CLM! I then purposefully left the bore dry & let it sit for a week now! I ran a clean patch thru the bore yesterday & it was still SPOTLESS!!! I’m SOLD on this powder & I’m actually happy to once again tote my lightweight, short & quick lil Wolverine into the woods knowing I don’t have to tear it down & make a miserable mess every night. “2 THUMBS UP!”

  3. Declan Wilkinson

    alot cleaner then tripple 7!!!! shoots straight to.. i use this powder in 2 differant tradional side locks and both have performed great.. even on cold days.. temp was about 15.. and no ignition problems.. ive shot 16 times in a row with no cleaning in between and no mis fires or hang fires

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