2 reviews for Alliant Powder – AR-Comp 8lb.

  1. Louis Bell

    I use AR Comp for 6.5 Grendel loads. So far it’s been the most accurate powder I’ve tested. Consistent clover leafs under and inch at 100 yards. Tested out to 500yds. with outstanding results.

  2. Cody Fox

    I’ve been using AR Comp is an AR Service rifle for about 2 years now. This powder has yielded the most consistent velocities, and accuracy for me. For 200 and 300 yds I load 22.1 grains for a 77 gr SMK 2.255-2.260 OAL, Wolf primed brass, with .5 moa accuracy. For 600, 80 gr SMK over 22.8 grs 2.450 OAL with Starline brass, and CCI#41. (Criterion 20″ 1:8 with .223 match chamber) My 600 yards velocites are 1800 FPS on a warm day, and it absolutely hammers. Shot a 197-11X with this load. The down side of this powder is that it’s a very dirty powder. It’s the dirtiest I’ve ever used, but thats fine with me. This powder meters well, much better than Varget, or 4895, but not better than CFE or 8208. I only trickle my 600 yard loads. You really can’t go wrong with this powder in a .223. I have also used it in a .308WIN bolt gun, with the same consistant accuracy and velocities.

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