2 reviews for Alliant Pdr – P. Pro 300-MP 1#

  1. Joe Gordon

    When I first tried this, it was for a 5″ Ruger GP100 357mag. I started low and worked up, and noticed the velocity reached a plateau where an increase in charge gave no increase in velocity. I was getting about the same velocity as other powders (H-110 and N-110) but with no pressure signs. I then decided to try working up loads for my 16″ Rossi 92 and there I saw a linear increase in velocity right up to the max charge. I settled on a load that was slightly less than max, where I saw 1800fps with a 158gn XTP. Accuracy was great, too. A plus is that I can use regular primers, and see absolutely no high pressure signs. I later tried loads in 44mag for both a 20″ rifle and a 10″ Blackhawk revolver, both worked very well. I believe this powder really shines in longer barrels.

  2. James Porter

    I was using Alliant 410 for my skeet loads and ran out of powder. Went to the local supply store and all they had was a 1b and 8lb can of 300MP on the shelf. Alliant lists a skeet load for the 410 using 300MP so I purchased the 1lb can to try out. I have enjoyed using this powder for it burns clean, does not seem to burn the ends of the hulls as much as 410 and I can obtain 6 good reloads out of my hulls. It is a little more expensive to load requiring more grains of powder than 410, however, the reloads it makes are really impressive. I went back to purchase the 8lb container but it was gone. I will purchase some more once supplies start to comeback.

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