1 review for .250 Savage – Hornady Cases

  1. Michael Young

    Longstanding love affair with 250-3000 in Savage 99. Hornady brass perfect following the famous Ken Waters’ recommendation of 32 gr. IMR 3031 but with LEE’s 2.475 COAL. With CCI 200 primers the 87 gr. Sierra yielded great accuracy with 2879 fps out of my 22″ Savage 1938, and 2640 fps out of my 20″ Savage 1919. While you can get 3000 fps out of this cartridge it is more accurate with the lower velocity not to mention easier on the brass. Lube the inside of the case neck to resize minimizing brass stretching. After a few reloads this brass is sound with no splits. Loving it!

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